Panty Liner
Panty Liner Panty Liner  唯白淨嫩透白SOD草本抑菌衛生棉 卫生棉 / 卫生巾   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | NOBLEZ GLOBAL SDN BHD
Product Features
  • Added SOD essence extracted from lemongrassanti-oxidation 
  • Herbal coolness  Natural mint coolness
  • Instant absorption, Dry and Comfortable
  • 24hrs antibacterial   99.9% Antibacterial, Resist menstrual odor
  • Ultra-thin 0.2cm  Double-sided air vent design , release sultry feeling
  • SGS,ISO9001 Quality Certification Super Secure

Product Specification
  • Panty Liner 17cm | 20  pieces 

Product Ingredients
Non-woven fabric, pulp, polymer absorber, PE waterproofing membrane, fixed adhesive, chitin antibacterial layer, menthol, lemongrass SOD extract
Made in Taiwan


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